Your Imagination
Becomes Alive


How Does It Work?

The process is very simple: visitors are invited to draw on a DIN A4 paper within the outline of a simplified human body. The drawing is placed into the ‘magic box’ that acts like a scanner. The picture is transformed into a living interactive projection, that the visitors can animate with their bodies. The reaction of the newborn creature to one’s body movements creates a funny atmosphere of dance and play.

BadaBodyPaint is the magic tool to give life and play with your imagination. A collective installation that involves any age group with its mix of creativity, movement and surprise.

BadaBodyPaint Archive

In the previous Workshops and Festivals we collected more than 5000 drawings, coming up with a large character library developed by every kind of people. Kids, teenagers, grandparents and whole families decided to get into play, creating a living, diverse environment around the tables.

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Where can


be used?

BadaBodyPaint can be used to spice up an illustration fair, as well as comic / anime convention.
Imagine young illustrators painting in their template intricate figures, and then be able to bring them to life.
Or during a fair, in a waiting area, after visiting many stands, find a place to relax where at the same time kids can still express their energy and movement ..and maybe be joined by their parents!

“Are you gonna be here again next weekend?”

Kids in Humboldt-Forum at the event “Tag der offene Baustelle”, Berlin (DE)

“Now I understand, it’s a piece about love!”

Frank Ragano, Artistic Director Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fè (US)

“I can't remember, the last time I've hold a pen in my hand to draw”

A grown-up participant of the Schmiede Festival, Hallein (AT)

And Which Is Your Idea?

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